The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. It pumps the life into our veins, and without taking care of it properly, serious health complications can arise. Whether it’s that poor diet you’ve been trying to improve for years, or a condition in the family that’s simply out of your control, heart problems need to monitored and treated, and that’s where a cardiologist comes in. But you only want the best care, so in 2014 visit the Best Cardiologist on Long Island when your heart needs some TLC.

Long Islanders voted Daniel Montellese, M.D. in Setauket-East Setauket Best Cardiologist on Long Island!

DrDanMontellese1. Daniel Montellese, M.D. 

220 N. Belle Mead Rd., Setauket- East Setauket.

Cardiologists are responsible for the well-being and maintenance of the body’s most important organ, the heart. A good cardiologist exhibits not only a masterful grasp of the primary medical conditions facing the patient, but also those underlying them. Dr. Daniel Montellese, board-certified in interventional cardiology, nuclear cardiology, internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, nuclear medicine and echocardiography, exemplifies all of these characteristics and treats every patient with understanding and compassion.

2. Randy Kiewe, M.D. - Complete Care Cardiology

2001 Marcus Ave., Suite W-285

Lake Success, New Hyde Park.

3. Joseph W. Szczesniak, M.D.

1077 Northern Blvd., Roslyn.