Being in a band is hard work! It takes patience, dedication and perseverance. Coming up with your own lyrics that keep your fans engaged and coming back for more is an accomplishment. Having the ability to create music that is fresh and different from what is already out there is a challenge. With that in mind we would like to bring to you the winners for  Best  Non Cover Band on Long Island.

2015: Long Islanders Voted Amber Ferrari Best Band (Non-Cover) on Long Island!

Amber Ferrari

Long Islanders are brought to their knees by the powerful vocals of LI’s own Amber Ferrari. Reminiscent of Melissa Etheridge, Heart and Janis Joplin, Ferrari packs an emotional punch into every live performance, including covers of the above singers and including her own original songs. Her many fans delight knowing that no two shows are ever the same, as Ferrari is a seasoned performer who knows how to change it up, feeding off the considerable energy of the crowd. With a rockin’ backup band that brings her performances to the next level and two songs that have made the Billboard Music Charts, LI is proud to call her one of our own. She is definitely a must-see!

2014: Long Islanders Voted Amber Ferrari from Great Neck Best Non Cover Band on Long Island!

1. Amber Ferrari
445 Northern Blvd., Great Neck. 631-578-3659.

2. Electric Dudes

3. Pamela Betti Band

2013: Long Islanders Voted Face the King in Amityville the Best Band from Long Island!

1. Face The King

2. Rattlesnake Dawn
Bay Shore.

3. Pamela Betti Band

2012: Long Islanders Voted Electric Dudes the Best Band on Long Island!

1. Electric Dudes

2. Borgo Pass

3. Mean Machine

2011: Long Islanders Voted Brand New Best Band on Long Island!

1. Brand New

2. Gathering Time

3. Nine Days

2010: Long Islanders Voted Push Play the Best Band From Long Island!

1. Push Play

2. Brand New

3. Testing for Echo

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