When people don’t have fitness equipment at home, that’s when they seek out the services of a public gym. And there are a few factors involved with a great one: plenty of machines, fitness classes and lots of extras (oh, and a good price!). Sometimes it’s hard to find a gym that fits these criteria, but luckily for you, they do exist on Long Island. Since we know your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more to lose a couple of pounds, sign up with the Best Gym on Long Island to fast-track your way to that dream body.

2015: Long Islanders Voted Fitness Incentive Best Gym on Long Island!

Fitness Incentive
157 Deer Park Ave., Babylon Village. 631-587-5766. fitnessincentive.com

More akin to joining an extended fitness family than a gym, both the staff and members of this local gem share a bond, a special relationship, if you will, that transcends simply being a card-carrying member. Founded in 1984, Fitness Incentive is committed to making your exercise experience the very best it can be. They want you to succeed, crediting a commitment to community simply not present at impersonal, corporate, big-chain “fitness factories” as they refer to them, as main reasons for continued growth after more than 30 years. It’s no wonder why Long Islanders voted Fitness Incentive The Best!

2014: Long Islanders voted CrossFit Long Island in Yaphank Best Gym on Long Island!

1. CrossFit Long Island
54 E. Old Dock Rd., Yaphank. 631-909-4849. cflongisland.com

2. Intelligent Fitness
3012a Jericho Tpke., East Northport. 631-858-2900. intelligentfitness.net

3. Fitness Incentive
157 Deer Park Ave., Babylon. 631-587-5766. fitnessincentive.com

2013: Long Islanders Voted CrossFit Long Island  in Yaphank Best Gym on Long Island!

1. CrossFit Long Island
54 E. Old Dock Rd., Yaphank. 631-909-4849. www.cflongisland.com

2. Fitness Incentive
157 Deer Park Ave., Babylon. 631-587-5766. www.fitnessincentive.com

605 Pike St., Mattituck. 631-315-5227. www.jabsny.com

2012: Long Islanders Voted Fitness Incentive in Babylon Best Gym on Long Island!

1. Fitness Incentive
157 Deer Park Ave., Babylon. 631-587-5766. www.FitnessIncentive.com

2. Cross Fit Long Island
54-E Old Dock Rd., Yaphank. 631-909-4849. www.CFLongIsland.com

3. JABS/Joining Active Bodies Studio
605 Pike St., Mattituck. 631-315-5227. www.JabsNY.com