Buying a house and being a homeowner brings about one of the most accomplished feelings anyone can imagine. But the downside is that hefty mortgage that’s involved afterwards. Since houses and apartments are so expensive, especially here on Long Island, residents are often dealing with their mortgages for many, many years. And that’s why they need to invest in a good company that will be both cooperative and courteous during that long payment period. If you’re just about to buy a property, or you’re looking to change your mortgage company, look no further than the Best Mortgage Company on Long Island.

For over 20 years Contour Mortgage Corporation has been helping people to not only realize the dream of home ownership but to also help them discover how their home’s equity can create financial opportunities

2015: Long Islanders Voted Contour Mortgage Corporation Best Mortgage Company on Long Island!

Contour Mortgage Corporation

990 Stewart Avenue, Ste. 660, Garden City. 516-385-6900.

The folks at Contour Mortgage are a special group, committed to helping Long Islanders navigate the sometimes confusing world of lending. Home ownership is the pride of the middle class, but it isn’t always easy knowing who to trust. Long Islanders know that the professionals at Contour are experts in the field of mortgage lending and that they are in trustworthy hands.

About Contour Mortgage Corporation
An Experienced Lender and Broker

As one of the premiere mortgage bankers on the East Coast, Contour Mortgage is uniquely qualified to find the right loan program to suit our clients’ individual needs. Whether that means taking a client to a bank with a niche mortgage product or offering the most competitive mortgage rates, Contour Mortgage has the experience and resources to find you a reliable solution.

Fast, Reliable Service

Every day, our applicants are serviced through our nationwide loan consultation and service center. Contour’s headquarters house forty loan officers providing the ultimate experience for our customers.

Applicants are consulted and potentially pre-qualified in the hopes that a home finance plan can be established within minutes.

A Trusted Partner

Whether you’re an experienced homeowner or a first time buyer, Contour Mortgage is committed to working as your partner to help you understand all of the potential financing options so you can feel confident in the choice you ultimately make. Our core philosophy is to always put the client first and as a result we continue to have one of the highest referral and repeat client rates in the industry.Contour Mortgage will leverage our years of experience and the relationships we’ve built within the banking community to create a plan that is tailor made to you and your future plans and goals. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


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