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Best Holistic Wellness Center on Long Island

by Best Of Long Island on January 5, 2010

It would be awesome if there were somewhere on Long Island where a doctor could diagnose us just by looking at us, push a button, and bam, healed. Unfortunately, things don’t exactly work that way. But it’s nice to know your options, whether it’s standard medicine, holistic medicine, or both.

Long Islanders Voted The Creating Wellness Center, in Commack the Best Holistic Wellness Center on Long Island!

Creating Wellness Center
66 Commack Rd., Ste. 101


Dr. David Pollack

The doctors at the Creating Wellness Center strongly believe in the body’s ability to heal from within. Dr. Matthew Lewis  director of the center, focuses on treating the body as a whole—not on treating each illness—and providing patients with alternative health care choices to help overcome a variety of problems, including stress. Dr.  Lewis is a licensed Wellness Chiropractor concentrating in digestive health.  David Pollack has specialized in the practice of physical rehabilitation, herbal & nutritional medicine, and stress reduction. His purpose is sharing knowledge with clients and community to avoid disease, manage stress, and learn healthy age management strategies to keep active, healthy, and productive. Helping children obtain optimal health and avoid the “sickcare” system is a passion, there is no reason a child should suffer unnecessarily. Dr. Pollack has extensive experience with ADD/ADHD, child digestive disorders (reflux, bowel issues, etc), colic, acne, and many other common childhood concerns. Dr. Pollack is certified in a multitude of treatments and techniques to help achieve health goals. The doctors educate people about using these safe and natural methods, the doctors work toward enabling his patients’ physicians to reduce or eliminate medications and focus on helping people enhance their overall quality of life.

2nd Place – Simply Vibrant Wellness Center, 128 N. Long Beach Rd, Rockville Centre. 516-203-7442.

This center argues that there are too many bacteria, viruses, chemicals, unhealthy foods, and not enough nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and rest. Instead we stress, and that is what their team of professionals strives to alter in order to support all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit.

3rd Place – Northport Wellness Center, 220 Rte. 25A, Northport. 631-262-8505.

Dr. Alan P. Sherr founded this multidisciplinary holistic healthcare facility along with a team of interdependent professionals. He services individuals from chiropractic care to holistic medicine to physical therapy.

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