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Best Neurologist on Long Island

by Best Of Long Island on January 5, 2010

When it  comes to treating the central nervous system, you really can’t take the decision on which specialist to trust lightly. With great care, Long Island voted these highly trained specialists best neurologist.

Long Islanders Voted Itzhak C. Haimovic in Great Neck the Best Neurologist on Long Island!

Itzhak C. Haimovic, M.D.
170 Great Neck Rd.
Great Neck

The human brain is a confusing place. It’s filled with things like dendrites, axons, nodes, myelin sheaths, synapses, glia, and our personal favorite, the medulla oblongata—because it’s fun to say. So if you’re having some trouble in that region, you want someone who knows a Schwann isn’t a small bike, Floyd Bloom isn’t a spring perennial and Golgi isn’t a type of pasta. Well, we’ve got your man. Because, we don’t know if you’ve heard this, but people don’t really love going to doctors. So to be voted Best Neurologist on Long Island, that’s a feat to be proud of. And Dr. Itzhak Haimovic did just that—three years in a row.

Second Place - Winthrop Pediatric Neurology, 259 First St., Mineola. 516-663-0333.

On practically every episode of House, the limping, pill-popping doctor has his patient get a CAT scan. Why? Well, everything comes back to the brain. Epilepsy, headaches, multiple sclerosis, strokes, etc. are all treated right at Winthrop University Hospital. Physicians are utilizing the technology explosion in neurology to provide patients with a quick diagnosis, excellent treatment, and the best care possible.

Third Place - Mark Gudesblatt, M.D., 77 Medford Ave., Patchogue. 631-758-1910.

When it comes to the brain, Dr. Mark Gudesblatt can read your mind. Dr. Gudesblatt attended John Hopkins, and received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College. He served as Chief Resident in Neurology at Mount Sinai. Later he joined South Shore Neurologic Associates, where he works today. Dr. Gudesblatt sure knows a Cerebellum from a Cerebrum. 

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Nick B June 14, 2010 at 2:26 am

Dr. Sumeer Sathi Saved my life. I was crippled with a life altering, career ending injury. Atrophy in my muscles and pain that cannot be described, I was at wits end. Everybody told me I would never be able to work or perform normal day to day functions again! Dr. Sumeer Sathi of Long Island Neurosurgeons in Patchogue, (right across from Brookhaven Hospital) Changed all that. He performed spinal surgery with the latest technology! Within hours of recovery, the pain down my leg was gone. In the months that followed, I began a full recovery. Now it is 8 years later and Since that time, I have regained all motion, strength and mobility! I play sports again, Work full time in a strenuous career and perform all functions of an active life. He should definitely be on the top of this vote! He’s the best!!!!! Thank you again Dr. Sumeer Sathi!!!!!


Ms. Mindy S. Golann May 8, 2012 at 5:28 pm



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