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Best Nutritionist/Dietician on Long Island

by Best Of Long Island on January 5, 2010

If there’s one thing Long Island residents know, it’s how to eat healthy. For those who need a little help joining the healthy eating club, here is our reader’s picks for best Nutritionist/Dietician.

Long Islanders Voted One Potato Two Tomato in Albertson the Best Nutritionist/Dietician on Long Island!

One Potato Two Tomato
9 Albertson Ave.

One Potato Two Tomato—recipe for the perfect side dish or nursery rhyme? Actually, it’s the name of one of LI’s premier nutrition and dietary business, and in addition to winning the totally subjective Best Business Name Ever category, OPTT is among the best of its kind. The nutrition experts at One Potato Two Tomato know the food pyramid like the back of their collective hand. Recognizing that the sooner kids get hooked on eating right, the better, OPTT offers dietary programs for children of all ages.

Second Place – Marlisa Brown, 160 Howells Rd., Ste. 6, Bayshore. 631-666-4297. 580 Sunrise Hwy., West Babylon. 631-422-6876.

This three time Best Of winner sure knows how to stay healthy. Eating right, staying in shape and practicing healthy behaviors are what Marlisa Brown is all about. 

She specializes in diabetes, heart disease, weight loss and gastrointestinal disorders. In addition to working with over seventy patients a week, Marlisa has contributed and written several books, been featured on a cooking program, and has created many programs and presentations.

Third Place - Robyn Cotler, 167 Froehlich Farm Blvd., Woodbury. 516-496-9496.

Eating right affects the way you think, feel, and act. Robyn Cotler and her Common Sense Lifestyle Approach have helped many Long Islanders maintain a healthy existence. This award winning dietician knows what to eat, when to eat it and what exercise is best for you.

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