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Best Catering Hall on Long Island

by Best Of Long Island on January 13, 2012

Picking the right venue for an occasion is an essential part of party planning. From weddings to anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and birthday celebrations, the choice of a catering hall can truly make or break the event. Long Island is home to so many. But which is the Best Catering Hall on Long Island? It’s a good thing we had this competition and found that out. Now you know where to go on that special occasion. And you know which are the best. Here are this year’s winners of Best Catering Hall on Long Island.

Long Islanders Voted Oheka Castle in Huntington Best Catering Hall on Long Island!

1 Oheka Castle
135 W. Gate Dr., Huntington. 631-659-1400. www.oheka.com
Oheka Castle was made for the best parties, and that’s why it’s no surprise Long Islanders voted it tops in this category. Financier Otto Hermann Kahn used the stunningly beautiful mansion to host his fabulous guests and galas throughout the Roaring Twenties. Gatsby would have fit right in. Current owner Garry Melius carries on that tradition of elegance mixed with lavish fun. Today the French-style chateau is the ideal spot for celebrity weddings and other special occasions. So if you want an event that recalls the Island’s Gold Coast glory, make sure you book Oheka Castle.

2 The Inn at fox Hollow
7725 Jericho Tpke., Woodbury. 516-921-1415. www.thefoxhollow.com

3 Villa Lombardi’s
877 Main St., Holbrook. 631-471-6609. www.villalombardis.com

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lisa saporita February 11, 2012 at 9:25 pm

My fiance and I were thrilled when we first drove up to Villa Lombardi to attend my co-worker’s wedding several weeks ago. We were planning on booking our own wedding there next week. What started out as a very exciting morning, ended up with me in tears. While the catering hall looks like is very deceiving because underneath all of the glitz, as it turned out, was a poorly run, ‘low-class’ affair. The cocktail hour was disappointing – the seafood was overly fishy and seemed to be pre-frozen. Every sauce, no matter the color, tasted the same and were all watered down. The beef and pork were tough and tasteless. The bread in the basket was not fresh. The alcohol served at the bar was all CHEAP, NON-LABEL brands – I would have been mortified if I was serving my guests such low-end brands. I would never drink those brands in my home and was INSULTED to be served them at an affair. When we sat down for our main course my silverware was dirty. I complained and asked for clean silverware but my request was ignored. For appetizer, my fresh mozzarella was not fresh at all. Main course was the WORST yet!!!!! My main course (a tasteless chicken) was served WITH A DARK CURLY HAIR ON THE PLATE!!!! I WAS SICK TO MY STOMACH!!!! Once again, I complained and the waiter rolled his eyes, took it back to the kitchen and barely apologized. I tried to find a manager but wasn’t able to. When I asked my waiter to find me the caterer he told me that he told her about the hair and she said he should bring me another plate but that it wasn’t her fault and its not a big deal. To me it was a big deal. I’m sure if the pubic hair was on HER plate it would be a big deal!! I felt the place was run like a huge unorganized factory. So many affairs going on at the same time that it makes your affair seem so unimportant. I think this is a classless place to have an affair and would be so embarrassed to have my friends and family attend my wedding there. I have been to so many beautiful, elegant affairs and after attending Villa Lombardi I can’t for the life of me understand why ANYONE would have a party there. All I can say is THANK GOD I attended this affair before booking my own. After this fiasco, I started asking around about the place, and telling all of my friends about the experience I had there. So many people I spoke with told me horror stories as well. I was told that the caterer cheated people out of money, promised them things they never got, treated her help like slaves and traded her integrity for a dollar bill. For anyone looking to make their wedding dreams come true, I urge you to steer clear of this hell hole!


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