Best Burger on Long Island

The burger is the classic American dish. You can have it simple with just cheese, or you can get the works and make it so big that it won’t be able to fit in your mouth all at once. You can even get alternatives like veggie, turkey or mushroom burgers if red meat isn’t your thing. The possibilities are endless, especially here at burger joints on Long Island! Here are the best.

Long Islanders Voted All American Drive-In in Massapequa Best Burger on Long Island!


1. All American Drive-In

4286 Merrick Rd., Massapequa. 516-798-9574.


Year after year, this Long Island institution takes the Best Burger category. Still selling their famous hamburgers and cheeseburgers wrapped in paper, All American Drive-In has mastered the art of the juicy, fresh, steaming burger—whether it’s their Double Header, Quarter Pound, or Double Cheeseburger, All American burgers put the ones passed out from drive-thru windows to shame. Add some onion rings, French fries or a hot knish on the side, and you’ll never order off a dollar menu again.


2. TR’s GreatAmerican Pub 

17 Hillside Ave., Williston Park. 516-294-1680.


3. Even Flow Bar and Grill

150 E. Main St., Bay Shore. 631-665-9696.


National. Five Guys Burgers & Fries 

Multiple Locations.

8 Responses to Best Burger on Long Island

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hate to break it to its fans, but friends who worked at All American, even if they got sick, were told to come in or get fired.

    No burger is worth risking flu, colds, or worse.

  2. Carter Lax says:

    Best Burgers on long island are at jimmyjacks in bellmore

  3. lois reek says:

    I think TR’s has the best burger ever. On Thurs in dining room it is buy one and get one free.

  4. William Terjesen says:

    My wife and I went All American for lunch today for the first time. Heard about it from various people over the past few years, but we seldom come down to LI from upstate these days. Well today we did, and I’m impressed. It was like stepping back to 1965. We got some cheeseburgers, filet of fish sandwich, fries, onion rings, and cokes, and thoroughly enjoyed them. It was a real blast from the past. We will make excuses to trek down again for more classic goodness. I love the limited menu (a good indication that the food will be good). Today, my favorite item was the filet of fish sandwich with cheese and tartar sauce. It was seriously good. highly recommend it.


  5. Carl R. says:

    We just went there this past Wed. Greasy fries and the regular burgers were not juicy , like I always read. Very disappointed.

  6. Ellen says:

    My Family LOVES The Burger Shack in Coram, NY… We first tried them at The Battle of the Burger in Patchogue and have been hooked from that point on. I swear every time we go its better. They have different types of burgers for every taste 4oz or 8oz plus Veggie Burgers, Turkey Burgers or Grilled Chicken for those who don’t want red meat. I highly recommend this place and I am surprised its not on the list!

  7. I would head to the Jon Thomas Inn in Brightwaters LI NY !! Then too there is the Southside Hotel in Bay Shore NY. And TR’s in Williston Park is great too !!

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