There’s a ton of awards right, there’s awards for everything now. But this is an award that is so cool for so many different reasons because people in our community vote for it. Who doesn’t want that? So, I would throw away all the other awards for this one because people who you live with, people who you respect, and people who are within your community think that you are good enough to win. So give yourselves a round of applause for that.

Erin Colton, News 12 | Winners Celebration April 2, 2019

MTN Matchmaking is honored to have won The Best Of for dating on Long Island for the past two years. This is the most prestigious award that Long Island has and we work very hard keeping our 2000+ clients as happy and successful as possible and winning this award is a reminder to us all how much we love our clients and what we get to do every single day. I thank God every day for being blessed to be the number one Matchmaking on Long Island! I absolutely love what I do and winning this award means the world to me and my team!

MTN Matchmaking | 2019 Winner

The exposure of being voted the Best Botox and Day Spa of Long Island has tremendously increased my business.

Dr. Kelly Mattone | 2019 Winner

Its absolutely invigorating to receive love here at home from the fans. The Grindhouse Radio lives and breathes Long Island — to be named Best Radio Station for the 3rd year in a row is an honor and a privilege.

The Grindhouse Radio | 2019 Winner

I Steven S Opalek Jr Owner of Ultimate Look Home Improvements LLC am honored to be Best of Long Island 2019 winner for Best Handyman … I want to thank everyone involved, it really means a lot to me to be honored by the most prestigious company / award given out by long islanders for long islanders for doing the best every day every night it’s hard to run a successful business but if you are capable of doing so you wind up here in the winners circle !!! #boli2019 #steveo #salute

Ultimate Look Home Improvements LLC | 2019 Winner

This win means so much to us. We are like a family, and we are thrilled and honored to now be a part of the Bethpage Best of LI family. We put our hearts and souls into creating great music and memories for our brides and grooms, as well as their friends and family members. Each wedding has special meaning to us, and so much goes into making the day an unforgettable one.

Sound Chaser Band | 2019 Winner

It’s an extraordinary honor to have been chosen as best arts school on Long Island; after 25 years working on Broadway, it’s our passion to share our vast experience with the next generation of LI dancers and performers.

American Theater Dance Workshop | 2019 Winner

Winning the Best of Long Island award for Best Cesspool Service is a tribute to the great customers of our island, and a way for our hard work, diligent problem solving and great customer service to be recognized by the people who have given us everything! We are so proud to be BOLI winners and thank each and every Voter! “It’s NOT done until it’s CERTIFIED!

Certified Cesspool | 2019 Winner

I am beyond excited and grateful to have won this year’s Best of Long Island for makeup. I love what I do so knowing that I have so much love and support just means so much to me. I appreciate and love each and everyone of my clients!

Melissa Ann Makeup | 2019 Winner

To be named the best Plastic Surgery Group on Long Island, for the 11th time, is an honor. For over 70 years, LIPSG has been dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care, while pioneering and performing the most advanced reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures for more than half a million patients. We want to thank all our patients in their support of LIPSG and our doctors by helping us be recognized in these awards year after year.

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group | 2019 Winner

As a small business on Long Island, we’re thrilled to be a 3-time winner of this award! We take inspiration from Long Island for many of our products – such as our bestselling Day at the Beach scent, and candles with shells collected from our beautiful beaches that surround us here. We’ve worked hard to build a full line of natural beauty products and new makeup line that’s 100% founded, based, and run right here on Long Island. So this award means so much, helping highlight the options to shop for gifts and products locally, and to celebrate our customer love that drives all that we do.

Sonny and Dew | 2019 Winner

There are so many great music schools on Long Island so it means the world to us to be a Best of Winner! Our community means the world to us so being the winner is such an incredible honor that we will celebrate all year long!

New York Musicians Center | 2019 Winner

It means a lot to be voted the best for 2019. It shows that patrons recognize the hard work I have put in since I took over 7 years ago. Thank you again for everyone voting!

Captree Tackle | 2019 Winner

Adelphi University is honored to have been recognized in several categories this year and in past years. We’re proud to be part of the Long Island community.

Adelphi University | 2019 Winner

Bobb Howard’s Auto Repair & General Store feels so blessed to be voted Best of Long Island again in 4 categories as we enter our 73rd year in business!

Bobb Howard’s Auto Repair & General Store | 2019 Winner

We are ecstatic that we have been voted Best of Long Island for the past five years. We hold our customers, friends, and family in highest regard for their continued support throughout the years. We would also like to thank Best of Long Island for all they do to support us as well.

Hassell Auto Body | 2019 Winner

It is an incredible honor to be nominated THEN voted the Best on Long Island for our Sleep Care Center. We take pride in changing lives for our patients and their families! We are so glad that more Long Islanders are understanding what Dental Sleep Medicine and Dental Wellness can do for them and their quality of life.

Stephen Lamberg DDS | 2019 Winner

Being recognized as a Best of Winner is a great honor and proves that our customers are the Best.

Bullseye Beverage | 2019 Winner

Best of Long Island is one of those Awards we are really proud of because it represents the Best of the Best in our local communities. We love and support Long Island! The Best of Long Island team does a great job every year and we are happy to be a part of it for the last 11 years! 

SUNATION Solar Systems | 2019 Winner